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Alumni of Influence Award

Alumni of Influence Award

JA Alumni can include anyone who has been through any one of our programs. We’re always interested in seeing what our Alumni are doing with their lives, and knowing what impact JA had on their lives. If you have a great story to share with us about your success, let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. You may find yourself as one of our featured alumni!

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Want to know more about how our Alumni benefit?

Over 75% of Achievers believe JA programs have a significant impact in developing their financial literacy skills, decision making skills, analytic capabilities, and business sense.

Junior Achievers are more likely to stay in school, pursue a career in business, be prepared for work, open their own business, create jobs, and earn more.

Achievers earn 50% more, on average, than those who do not benefit from our programs

Jermyn Voon

Communications Committee Chair, Canadian Club of Calgary

After JA, Jermyn Voon attended MRU’s Bissett School of Business where he graduated with a diploma in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Marketing with an Accounting Option. Passionate about being involved in the community, he serves as the Communications Committee Chair as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Club of Calgary, and a Rotary Member.

Jermyn says, “JA not only gave me the opportunity to learn about various business areas but about all aspects of the decision making and discussion processes involved in organizations, and how to work with different people. It was an experience that taught me about how to run and organize a business, and provided me with skills that needed take on various student leadership roles such as serving as the Commissioner to VP Student Life & the Business Faculty Academic Representative of MRU Students’ Association.”

Alyx Nanji

Crown Prosecutor

In grade 10, Alyx Nanji was the president of a Company Program team called “Just Baskets”. Once completing high school, he attended the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. There he received the highest award at the university – the Arch Future Alumni Award. That same year, at the age of 20, he was on Avenue Magazine’s youngest Top 40 Under 40. Now, having completed his law degree, he works as a Crown Posecutor.

After several years, Alyx is returning as a volunteer “because looking back at all my experiences in and outside of the classroom, JA was hands down the best experience I have had – I learned so much, MORE than just business skills.  The program is a multi-faceted learning experience.”

Agamjit Sivia

Student at Western University’s Ivey Business School

The year Agamjit joined Company Program, it was only his second year in Canada. In his own words “I did not have excellent communicational skills and was very much an introvert. As a result of the program, I have greatly increased my interpersonal skills, am much more comfortable leading a group of individuals and have markedly improved my sales techniques and management skills.”

 It was an experience that helped him assist a non-profit organization in need. When his Bhangra dance coach decided to shut down his non-profit dance academy due to financial issues, Agamjit stepped up to help manage the organization. In a matter of months, he restructured the company, and thought up innovations to help them succeed. Under Agamjit’s guidance, the company broke even, and started registering more students than ever.

Baillie Aaron

Founder and Executive Director of Spark Inside

Baillie participated in JA Company Program in Calgary. Once graduating, she attended Harvard, and was inducted into the Boston Business Hall of Fame for her development of a charity that, using JA inspired materials, teaches entrepreneurial skills to individual in prison, thus better preparing them for reintegration into society.

While Completing her Master’s Degree in the UK at Cambridge, Baillie established her second charity, dedicated to teaching entrepreneurial skills to at-risk youth.

Living actively, Baillie is constantly on the public speaking circuit, including with TEDx.