More Than Money

Preparing Youth for Their Financial Futures

According to a study by the JumpStart Coalition for Financial Literacy, only 26% of 13-21-year-olds said their parents taught them how to manage money. This gap is not being addressed by schools, as many don’t have the resources to offer classes in financial literacy. JA has designed the More than Money program to address this challenge. With the assistance of volunteers from the local business community, the program teaches elementary students about earning, spending, sharing and saving money.

The earlier students learn how to manage money, the greater their chances of lifelong financial success.

All Regions
Grade 4
1 - 4 hour class
(1st period to lunch bell)

Proper Money Management

During this interactive, in-class program students will:

  • Identify the role of money in everyday life
  • Practice making sound financial choices using cooperative decision-making skills
  • Manage a personal bank account by making deposits and withdrawals
  • Learn how to make ethical personal and business money management choices
  • Apply the problem-solving and money management skills needed to operate a small business

By the end of More than Money, students will understand how proper money management can improve their lives, as well as how their financial choices can impact others. They'll gain the confidence to apply this knowledge to their lives, enabling them to grow up making smart financial choices.

Teacher Info


  • We request at least 3 hours of time in class
  • Registration is required at least 6 weeks before your preferred program date (some exceptions may apply)
  • JA volunteers are guest speakers; classroom supervision is required


  • Lesson 1: Money in the Bank
  • Lesson 2: A Sense of Worth
  • Lesson 3: Balancing Act
  • Lesson 4: Building a Business
  • Lesson 5: Get Smart
  • Lesson 6: What’s the Catch?


  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Health
  • Art


  • Students learn from business leaders in the community
  • Volunteers share real-life stories and experiences, making learning engaging and memorable
  • Students develop confidence, leadership and critical thinking skills

Volunteer Info


  • One-time volunteer commitment, or volunteer on as many occasions as you like
  • Program training (90 minutes)


  • A teacher will be present to help with classroom management
  • Volunteer solo, with a friend, or with another JA volunteer


  • New volunteers participate in a 90 minute training session at the JA office
  • For corporate volunteer days, we’ll bring program training to you!


  • Volunteer hours can often be applied toward designations and professional development
  • Work on your leadership, instructional, and public speaking skills
  • Unique team building activity